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Story of Success: Alberto Medina

Story of Success: Alberto Medina

Young Global People recently assisted Alberto Medina in getting a job at NIBC Bank, a small bank based in the Netherlands. We got in touch with him after a few weeks, to ask him a few questions about his new role at NIBC and about his experience with YGP.

1. Could you tell us something about your role and your main activities?

The official name of my role is “application manager”. I am in charge or two regulatory reporting applications, AnaCredit and DGS. These two applications create reports requested by the Dutch National Bank (DNB) and the Bundesbank. These two governmental authorities publish new requirements very often, meaning that I have to update the applications to meet those requirements. Such requirements can be format or content changes. Along with that, I must make sure that the systems work correctly with other systems within the bank, because there are changes going on all the time. 

2. How did YGP help you to be a part of NIBC?

YGP helped me by introducing me to NIBC. Before getting in touch with YGP I had never heard of NIBC before, mainly because it is a relatively "small bank". But I am glad that it happened, because it is a very good company. In other words, without YGP I might have never found the job that I have right now. 

3. Throughout the last year at NIBC, how did you experience YGP’s guidance for you on the job? What seemed the most useful? Can you name something specific that you have learned?

In my case I didn’t request guidance from YGP, mainly because I already have some years of experience in a similar role to what the one I have right now. Although YGP helped me providing Dutch courses, which is very helpful. Not just for the job, but for my daily life as well. Even though English is the official language within the company, every now and then you come across with documentation written in Dutch, so that is why it has helped me to study it.  

4. Would you recommend YGP to other candidates?

Yes, totally. I think YGP is a good company to work with, because everything that is promised to you does actually happen. Most importantly, because you can get opportunities with companies that otherwise would be difficult to find, like in my case. 

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